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Published on April 19th, 2010 | by Mick Karma

Doctor Who Game Trailer

As seen at the end of Victory of the Daleks on Saturday, the trailer for Doctor Who: The Adventure Game looks pretty good indeed…

Featuring the Doctor, Amy and the Daleks, the game is the first real Doctor Who game since Dalek Attack in the early 1990s (Top Trumps licensing effort notwithstanding).

Find out more and view video in superior definition at – meanwhile to celebrate the launch of Doctor Who: The Adventure Game, three of the new look Daleks will be invading Sheffield Train Station from 08.00 – 10.00am on Wednesday!

They’ll be there to herald visitors to the city making the journey to atend the press launch and test the game, and journalists will also meet with some of the makers of the game and visit Sumo, the British company who were the project’s lead supplier. Also on hand will be Phil Ford (The Waters of Mars) who along with James Moran scripted the games.

Meanwhile, we’ll have more news on this event throughout the day on Wednesday…


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2 Responses to Doctor Who Game Trailer

  1. garypryke says:

    Are you forgetting “Destiny Of The Doctors”?! Okay not a great game, but that was since “Dalek Attack”.

  2. Christian Cawley says:

    Yeh, I would *like* to say I’d forgotten DotD, however in earlier news items when the game was just a rumour I referred to it extensively!

    I just forgot. Evidently the cider I imbued over the weekend killed those cells…

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