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Published on April 14th, 2010 | by Chris Davids

Constellation Award Nominations

Stars of Doctor Who and Torchwood have been nominated in the Constellation Awards, Canada’s annual science fiction awards focused on rewarding excellence in science fiction film and television.

The Waters of Mars - Doctor Who nominated for Constellation AwardsWith the big stars and key episodes nominated, there is also one key surprise

Alongside David Tennant and Gareth David-Lloyd and Michelle Ryan nominated as best male/female performance, Aurora Buchanon is also nominated.


Buchanon is a star of fan-made film Doctor Who: Victimsight, something you can find out more about on the films web page,

Whoniverse nominations in full:

Best Male Performance in a 2009 Science Fiction Television Episode
David Tennant, Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars
Gareth David-Lloyd, Torchwood: Children of Earth Day 4

Best Female Performance in a 2009 Science Fiction Television Episode
Michelle Ryan, Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead

Best Science Fiction Television Series of 2009
Doctor Who

Best Female Performance in a 2009 Science Fiction Film, TV Movie, or Mini-Series
Aurora Buchanan, Doctor Who: Victimsight

Best Overall 2009 Science Fiction Film or Television Script
Russell T Davies, Torchwood: Children Of Earth Day 1

Best of luck to all concerned!


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