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Published on April 9th, 2010 | by Mick Karma

Alex Kingston in SFX

The latest edition of SFX features interviews with new Doctor Who star Matt Smith – and guest star Alex Kingston who returns to the series this year as Prof River Song.

Alex Kingston in Doctor WhoKingston appears on the show in a few weeks time in The Time of Angels, following her original enigmatic appearance opposite Tenth Doctor David Tennant in Steven Moffat’s 2008 two parter Silence in the Library – so she has opinions on both Doctors…

“David was brilliant but very, very straight – quirky, but straight down the line,” she told SFX. “Matt is quite… sexy! I shouldn’t say this, but he is. Quirky and mad professorish, but also quite sexy.

“He was nearly a professional footballer, so he’s got that slight laddish thing going on as well. He looks almost public schoolboy, but he’s not. He’s got bandy legs, but that’s from the football!”

Kingston also related how she went for dinner with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan – not knowing who either was beforehand, she at first thought that the new Doctor was in fact the episodes director!

SFX #195 is out now.


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