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Published on March 14th, 2010 | by Chris Davids

The Greatest Dr?!

A bizarre poll has made headline news on Doctor Who sites across the web this weekend – as if there wasn’t enough to talk about!

Surveying 1,000 adults, online market research site somehow concluded that the Doctor – a time travelling alien with a will of iron, a sonic screwdriver, lots of friends and a knack for science – was the most popular doctor on television.

Despite the more than slightly obvious fact that the Doctor isn’t actually a doctor.

A OnePoll spokesman said:

“Doctor Who is a national treasure who has been on our screens for almost half a century now.

”David Tennant reinvigorated this fictional character and the show has seen huge success since.”

Straight behind the Doctor was Christopher Lloyd’s eccentric Dr Emmett Brown the Back To The Future movies, while third was Neighbours’ Dr Karl Kennedy. Fascinatingly, American pediatrician Dr Spock appeared 5th in the poll, despite rarely appearing on TV in the UK since the 1970s…

Like I said, bizarre.



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3 Responses to The Greatest Dr?!

  1. avatar Leosw4 says:

    Thats so funny.

    I remember when we where kids we used to get Mr Spock confused with Dr Spock and I think thats what happened here. I cant believe given that Star Trek has been going for like a million years and is everywhere, people still say Doctor Spock-whatever would have Bones McCoy said!

  2. avatar says:

    I don’t think that it is a “slightly obvious fact” that the Doctor isn’t actually a doctor. In fact, in REVENGE OF THE CYBERMEN, the fourth doctor claims to be “a doctor of many things”. The Doctor may very well be a doctor many times over.

  3. avatar Chris Davids says:

    Yeh – rant mode off on that one I think.

    I based an entire news article on a throwaway line from Sarah in The Ark in Space.

    Hands up, I called it wrong – but it is pretty silly that a Time Travelling alien should be voted the best doctor on TV. How many doctors would get into a list of the best time travelling aliens on TV (or than “Dr Spock” of course…)

    After all, everybody knows that the best doctor on TV is Quincy!

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