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Published on March 29th, 2010 | by Mick Karma

Sometimes Scary

Steven MoffatAs part of a series of articles to herald the new series of Doctor Who, have published the first part of an interview with The Grand Moff himself.

Executive Producer Steven Moffat discusses his interpretation of Doctor Who, explains the meaning of “dark fairytale” and the changes to the TARDIS police box exterior. Of key interest to us right now is this, Moffat’s own thoughts on being described as “the horror writer” and just how true this is…

“I’m noted as ["the horror writer"], and like most things that people notice it’s not particularly true. I didn’t write ‘Midnight’ or ‘The Satan Pit’. I did write ‘The Girl In The Fireplace’, which isn’t scary at all. Is this series scarier? Sometimes, when it’s appropriate to be scary.

“If it was scary every episode that in itself would be boring. In a way it’s like humour; one of the tricks of humour is that if you’re funny all the time then you stop being funny at all.”

Given that Moffat certainly knows how to scare the audience and that he has recruited some top comedy writers in Simon Nye and Richard Curtis (not to mention Mark Gatiss) I think it could be fair to say that this series of Doctor Who is going to feature both a lot of humour and a good few scares.


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