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Published on March 25th, 2010 | by Mick Karma

Official Site Revamped!

New look official Doctor Who website!We’ve been waiting for this for literally months (ever since the previous version got revamped into a poor attempt at a blog for Dreamland) but the BBC have finally come up trumps with a redesigned Doctor Who website!

The new address is – get it bookmarked!

Complete with a countdown clock to The Eleventh Hour (which at the time of writing is counting down to this Saturday…) the new look site has a cool banner, a new colour scheme and fits into the current and beta versions of the BBC website.

Most importantly, the site currently holds some exclusive features – Matt Smith and Steven Moffat video interviews, while fans of previous Doctors can access content from 2005-2010 via the “Past Series” link.

Curiously, there is no obvious way to access content covering 1963-2005.

Anxious fans without digital TV will be happy to know that the first minute of The Eleventh Hour appears on the revamped official site this Saturday at 6.25pm!

What do you think of the new-look BBC Doctor Who website? Have you found the link to the classic series content? Let us know below!


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4 Responses to Official Site Revamped!

  1. avatar Rick714 says:

    It’s very strange. The interviews are “not available in your area”, meaning America and I guess anywhere outside the UK. This limitation is very narrow minded, fairly insulting and bad business. This is the internet and if you like to publicize your product, spread the word, why would you exclude the US? The population is 5 times that of the UK. That just irritates people and then they have to go to Youtube and try and find the video there. The net really should tie everyone together but instead, we see this isolationist behavior. Very disappointing.

  2. avatar mrpaddy says:

    As to accessing the Classic Who site: if you click on the “past series” link there’s another link to the right of the screen rather deceptively labelled “The Eight Doctors” that’ll take you to the classic who site.

  3. avatar IanOTimelord says:

    The countdown is for the one minute clip this Saturday,
    I found the link to the classic series.
    From the link under the blurb about its almost time it says Past series, click on that then where it says DON’T MISS with a picture of the Three Doctors, click on that and it takes you to the classic page.

    Looks good this revamp well overdue. However I have said this before to the BBC I wish the new series could be done like the classic with cast list,reviews etc. So much easier the classic part.

  4. avatar Christian Cawley says:

    Good call mrpaddy and IanOTimelord, I didn’t notice those. I was expecting some sort of obvious link…!

    Feel slightly foolish about the countdown too – it seems I can’t even tell the time, let alone read properly :)

    Having all the 1963-present content in one site would be marvellous, wouldn’t it?

    The only thing I’m not happy about with the new site (other than the access to archive content) is the template. It looks great and has been well styled, but its all a bit cookie cutter now. A bit of the 2005-2009 (pre Dreamland) sites character has been lost

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