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Published on March 19th, 2010 | by Kevin Roth

Elegant Shambles

Steven Moffat, Doctor Who head writer and Executive ProducerDoctor Who head honcho Steven Moffat has described star Matt Smith as an “elegant shambles” on BBC Breakfast News today, paying tribute to the new Time Lord’s physical attributes.

Answering the perennial “what’s the new Doctor going to be like?” question, The Grand Moff replied:

“What’s Matt going to be like? He’s going to be gorgeous, that’s a fact… He’s a sort of elegant shambles, is the best way to describe Matt. He’s both clumsy and elegant at the same time.”

As conversation moved to the whole situation of replacing David Tennant, Moffat admitted that it had been difficult…

“It shouldn’t be calm and easy for you, because this what puts the Who back in Doctor Who, the fact that he becomes a stranger again and you have to find him again and you have to get to know him again.”

Steven Moffat – one of three Executive Producers to have taken over from Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner – also confirmed the premiere of the new series as April 3rd, a date that had previously been published on the BBC website.


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