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Russell T Davies has been exclusively interviewed by Time Out in advance of Easter special Planet of the Dead, and it’s not a bad read.

Let’s face it, anything Davies has to say people sit up and listen to, but even such a low-key relaxed interview as this holds a few gems, not least RTD’ argument for filming in human rights blackhole Dubai.

I didn’t personally choose the location, but I’m not ducking out of it now, I am the exec producer. But of course we filmed there. What are we suggesting, that we isolate the whole Arab world? Or the whole Islamic world? Do we cut them off? Do they cut us off?

It’s not the way anyone engages with the modern world at all, I wouldn’t do that on a personal level or a professional level. Underneath it all is a subtle form of racism at work there that says white westerners are encouraged to love ethnic races, unless they’re rich.

You see – we’re all taking notice of what Russell says there – but sadly on this occasion it’s utter tosh!

Contentious as ever, his argument should be in response to concerns over glamourising a city in a country (UAE) that has an atrocious human rights record for any publicly-funded body to be travelling to and contributing to the economy of. Russell T Davies certainly shouldn’t be accusing critics of racism.

Cheap shot, Russell, and not even relevant.

On the plus side though, there’s lot’s more to read from this interview on the Time Out website, not least on the subject of knife carrying hoodies, biblical allegories, double decker buses and J*** S***.

(With thanks to Alex Batho)

Christian Cawley

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