Husband and Wife Writing Team

Fear not – the headline refers to John Reppion and Leah Moore, the husband and wife writing team behind the latest IDW Doctor Who comic book series, and not the bizarre couple Pip and Jane Baker (responsible for 1980s serials The Mark of the Rani, Terror of the Vervoids, Time and the Rani).

Illustarted by Ben Templesmith, Whispering Gallery was conceived via the Twitter network with the Templesmith approaching Reppion and Moore via the microblogging tool.

They’re a bit of a rarity in Doctor Who circles and indeed in comic book scripting circles, and the Liverpool Echo have featured them discussing the release.

The interesting bit of course is how they appear in contrast to those alliteration addicts Pip and Jane Baker, whose sesquipedalian loquaciousness almost single handedly destroyed Doctor Who’s reputation in the 1980s.

For instance, John Reppion and his wife talk confidently and honestly about the actiual process of getting things to the page rather than sitting around spouting ridiculous descriptions and dialogue:

“We are definitely stronger together as a writing team, because our abilities complement each other. Leah is really good visually, with dreaming pages a great example of that, whereas my strengths tend to be plotting stories out and seeing the wider picture.”

Leah says: “When people get our scripts they can’t tell who has written what because we mesh together so well.

“It takes us a bit longer to finish stories because we talk things through until we agree, but once we get going we rattle through it. We never really argue, although if we do have a cob on we might not do much work that day!”

Don’t they seem totally everyday?

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