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Our esteemed editor is on a well deserved holiday at the moment, which he desperately needed. This is what he does with his spare time…

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Kopic now has the keys to the editing suite and access to all the freevend snack machines in the executive restaurant, so on with the motley!

Freema Agyeman to star in "Law and Order: UK"

Freema Agyeman will star alongside Bradley Walsh, Bill Paterson and none other than Lee Adama from Battlestar Galactica (aka Jamie Bamber) in a new 13-part ITV1 series "Law and Order: UK"based on the hugely popular Law and Order franchise from the US. Jamie Bamber is no stranger to court room dramas, as anyone that watched the latter part of BSG will know. Also worth a mention is that this is being made jointly by Kudos (the people who brought you Spooks) and some other companies with Chris Chibnall on writing duties.

Secrets Revealed!

The Times has extracts from a series of emails between Russell T Davies and Benjamin Cook who were working on a book together ("The Writer’s Tale") about the making of Nu Who. Choice nuggets include revelations about RTD’s obsessive compulsive nature and the chaotic way in which he develops his stories. There are also insights into how the upper echelons of the BBC operate…

More Secrets!

The Times continues publishing the email extracts with some great (possible minor spoilers) about this year’s Cyberman Xmas special and more insights into the tortured world of being Doctor Who head honcho and Russell T. Davies at the same time.

Russell Tovey – Eleventh Doctor???

Following on from the emails quoted in the Times (See above) the interweb is ablaze (BBC,GuardianThe First PostDaily MailTelegraph and Mirror) with proclamations that RTD has made a Royal Decree that Russell Tovey (Midshipman Frame in Voyage of The Damned) should be the next Doctor. There’s nothing like taking a comment made on a whim in an email and blowing it up out of all proportion, is there???

No Role for Rowling

hype from the media regarding RTD’s email exchange with Benjamin Cook. This time loads of people reporting that David Tennant refused to work with JK Rowling if she were cast as a guest star. This isn’t quite true – DT (according to RTD’s own email) merely didn’t think it was good idea and referred to it as soundiing like a "spoof". The production team canned the idea, preferring to keep DT happy – because he keeps them happy. RTD himself even said in the email that DT might be right.

Eve Myles in new BBC1 Merlin series

Don’t forget to watch Merlin this Saturday at 7.35pm on BBC1 to catch Eve Myles made up as an old witch. It took six hours for make-up apparently. Blimey! That’s nearly a full day’s work for most of us – and that’s BEFORE she’s gone on set to start the actual work of filming. Follow that with two more hours to REMOVE the make-up. It’s not all glitz and glamour working in front of the cameras!

Prime Newsnuggets

Torchwood Series 1 to be released on Blu-Ray and The CCBC Newsround site has an article citing David Tennant’s Doctor and Britney Spears as positive role models for spectacle wearing kids.

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