Award for Doctor Who?

At some point over the next few weeks, while David Tennant is busy at work in Hamlet, either Doctor Who or one of its stars or a senior production team member is going to receive an award.

This may be vague – but it’s also fact. Either that or David Tennant has started talking to himself…

The information concerns a couple of teenage girls admiring a poster of David Tennant at a Hamlet performance…

Suddenly, they hear a familiar Scottish voice and look upwards. It’s Tennant himself, leaning against the balustrade on the level above, seemingly filming an acceptance speech for an award. "Sorry I can’t be there," he says. "I’m still here on stage."

It doesn’t take long for a small crowd of trembling young women to gather, necks craning, hands over mouths, mobiles held like tiny Olympic torches, worshipping their god. Tennant notices eventually. "Oh, hello!" he says, peering over the rail. "I’ve got an audience. Listen, you can’t tell anyone you saw me do that, okay? It’s a secret!"

So – has Tennant gone mad and started filming fake acceptance speeches for fun, or possibly to wind up (or pull) one of his fans?

And if not, which award ceremony is coming next? As it sounds as though David or a close colleague has bagged another prize.

It was never like this in Tom Baker’s day.

Christian Cawley

A long-term Doctor Who fan, Christian grew up watching the show and has early memories of the Graham Williams era. His favourite stories are Inferno, The Seeds of Doom and Human Nature (although The Empty Child, Blink and Utopia all come close). When he’s not bossing around the news team, Christian is a freelance writer specialising in mobile technology and domestic computing, and enjoys classic rock, cooking and spending time in the countryside with his wife and young children. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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