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God. The return of “La Piper” certainly stunned the world, as succinctly put by The Daily Goss website:

She doesn’t say anything. She doesn’t need to. She’s got presence – and Doctor Who fans are going to be wetting themselves as Billie Piper is back in Tardisville!

Digital Spy also reported on the surprise appearance of Billie Piper as Rose, quoting Mr Davies:

On BBC Three’s Doctor Who Confidential, Russell T Davies joked about the cryptic nature of the scene: “What’s going on there? How could she be standing on that street? Why did she fade away? Like I’m going to tell you now! You’ve just got to keep watching.”

Yes, Russell, we’ll keep watching, you devil! Hats off to the man for dropping this bombshell and managing to keep it under wraps!

In statistics news, we can report that Episode 1, Partners In Crime, gained 8.4m viewers (39.4% of the audience – these are overnight figures, not including time-delayed viewing), according to loads of sources such as that august organ, The Stourbridge News, Digital Spy and the BBC News site which seems to be thumbing it’s nose at doom-monger Davies

Doctor Who’s comeback attracted 8.4 million viewers to BBC One, despite fears an earlier timeslot would harm the sci-fi series.

Who was fearing? Not us at Kasterborous, we think the earlier slot is good for the show – it’s just a shame that the later episodes will be shown at the more usual 7pm timeslot.

Here’s a nice piece from the Burnley and Pendle Citizen which neatly sums up how I feel right now about the reintroduction of Donna Noble

I MUST confess, I was fearing the worst. Catherine “Am I Bovvered?”‘ Tate as Doctor Who’s time travelling companion just didn’t sound right.

My reaction was partly influenced by her appearance in the 2006 Christmas episode which I found pretty tame.

And yet after Saturday’s first episode I’m already coming round to the idea that it might prove an inspired bit of casting. True there were one of two expressions very familiar to watchers of the Catherine Tate Show, but on the whole the Beeb could be on to a winner.

Sam Wollaston, writing in the Guardian’s TV Blog, takes a different stance, though…

Catherine’s Tate’s in it, too, innit – as Donna, whom she played in the Christmas 2006 extravaganza. This time she’s around for a while. She’s not my favourite sidekick: too hysterical, too comedy, not cool enough. I can’t quite forgive her for not being Freema Agyeman or Billie Piper, who’ll both be dropping in on the series, apparently. You can see what the thinking was: bring in the biggest star, the one the kids all do in the playground, and broaden the appeal of the show still further. But I think they’ve overlooked the fact that she’s not right for this role. And isn’t the appeal broad enough already? I’m also finding the music a bit oppressive, too. Oh, it doesn’t really matter. It’s still awfully nice television.

“Awfully nice television…” I like that. Does that mean that it’s nice to be awful? Or that nice television is awful? I’ll leave this mystery to the pedants to figure out! 

The Edinburgh Evening News liked Partners In Crime, too, and points out what we suspected as soon as we saw pictures of the Adipose creatures a week or two back

Partners in Crime is a wonderful funny romp and hugely entertaining, with Tate and leading man David Tennant playing brilliantly off each other. As well as being a great opportunity for anyone who hasn’t previously seen the series to come aboard, it’s also your chance to see the latest alien that’s going to become this years essential Christmas toy – and more than likely a stress buster on many an office desk.

They go on to talk about the next episode, The Fires Of Pompeii, saying that Catherine Tate will be giving “a blistering performance that will move you to tears.” In a good way, Kopic hopes! They quote Davies further, who says this won’t be the last time in the series, either

“She is going to break your heart,” he says. “Truly, she’s one of the best actors I’ve ever worked with, anywhere. She is phenomenal. And of course she’s funny. You will be crying your guts out at certain episodes, with her.

“To see David Tennant and Catherine Tate together, that is the most blistering combination of people. It’s just like a whole new Tardis with a whole new dynamic to it. They’re just wonderful together,” he explains.

Oh, I hope you’re right. I truly do. Kopic was impressed with Catherine Tate for the most part this past Saturday, but time will tell…

Look away now if you are a spoiler-phobe (but it’s been rumoured all over the place so I don’t feel too guilty about repeating it here), momentum gathers and rumours abound about the return of the mutant war-mongering megalomaniac himself… No, not a cameo by Tony Blair, but Davros! The Edinburgh Evening News (from the same article) has this stunning revelation (“revelation” – gettit? Ha! Ha!)

At the screening in London’s West End this week, an exclusive trailer revealed the characters will be returning to help the Doctor fight his biggest challenge yet. Rose’s mum Jackie and long-suffering boyfriend Mickey will join forces with journalist Sarah Jane, Torchwood’s Jack Harkness and former Prime Minister Harriet Jones. But one figure, which appeared to have the top half of a human and the base of a Dalek, remained hidden in the shadows.

And with that, Kopic bids you a definitely moist farewell until later this week…

Simon Mills


Simon was born at an early age and has loved Doctor Who since even before then. Truth be told, it was those pesky giant maggots and the dandy in the frilly shirt that got him hooked... but it was the hair, teeth, eyes and scarf that made him stick around to this very day. When not writing for Kasterborous, Simon indulges in his passion for karate training and listening to (and writing about) some seriously heavy rock and metal music. Not at the same time, though, as that can lead to serious injury and/or lawsuits.

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