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(Note: Pictured is Georgia Moffett. Not Kopic) Wahey! At last the media feeding frenzy has begun! Tuesday evening saw the press preview and Doctor Who was all over the papers and the interweb the following day with some mixed reactions, but mostly positive.

Mind you, what amused me most was the fact that a few Doctor Who stories got published earlier on that day. That day being 1st April, I hasten to add. First up, we had the revelation (mentioned in the last Newsround… because it amused me so) that Sarah Jane Smith and Captain Jack would be getting it on in the next series of Torchwood! Thanks to Torchwood.tv’s mysterious correspondent for that wonderful wind-up!

Elisabeth and John are just so fantastic together! From the moment they met on set and their characters snog outside the TARDIS, show bosses knew that these characters were DESTINED to be together…

Ah, if only it were true! 😀

My other favourite April Fool joke was the story put out by NME that Amy Winehouse would appear in this series of Doctor Who as The Rani and that she’d been a fan since childhood! Brilliant! And such a convincing mock-up picture they published, too. The icing on the cake is that other publishers picked up on this story and fell for it completely, publishing their own stories here and here on the back of it. Fabulous!

Any road up, humorous asides aside, on with the motley! Where to begin? Well, there’s the BBC news story covering the preview evening from which most other news coverage was derived. Speaking of David The Tennant and Russell The T, they say

Neither would be drawn, however, on their future in the programme beyond the three specials planned for 2009.

“I want David to stay on forever,” said Russell T Davies, the show’s executive producer and chief writer.

When quizzed about his own future with the programme, Davies told reporters it was “none of their business”.

And in a rare show of unequivocal straight-talking, he states “I’m committed as long as I’m committed” and then goes on to say

“Never mind what happens behind the scenes, it’s what happens on Saturday night that’s important.”

“I don’t think Russell is about to leave,” said Tennant. “I think he’s about to start writing the specials.”

Tennant is later quoted as saying the series finale would be “the biggest, boldest, maddest, saddest, most exciting story we’ve ever done.” Sounds wonderful, I can’t wait. No sarcasm this time, I mean it! :-)

Mr Davies, as we know, was quite vocal on his opinion about the 6.20pm start time, so it comes as no surprise that later in the series it will return to it’s now traditional 7pm slot, as reported in the BBC’s internal magazine, Ariel, by way of Outpost Gallifrey. Davies is quoted as saying

“it will shift later on in the run, around episode five or six, which the BBC was going to do anyway.”

A likely story, says I! I think the BBC just got scared and was embarrassed to be publicly humiliated in this way by the great man….

The Sun liked the first episode, calling it “a stonker” and giving a nice rundown of what to expect from the opener – laughs and thrills galore…and a new orchestral arrangement of the theme tune! There is some reassurance for those wary of Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble, though…

Fortunately, Donna has become slightly less nauseating since her last appearance in the show

Phew, that’s a relief! If you want to read the full review, go to their website. We at Kasterborous won’t link directly to The Sun due to the false stories they published last year about the lovely Freema…

The Telegraph was also positive (at the end) about the new series, and finished their review thusly

After Christmas’s Kylie-on-the-Titanic-in-the-sky extravaganza, the call-centre setting of this new episode looks rather drab. It also jars with the infuriating and virtually constant orchestral soundtrack on which the BBC now insists. It makes the more mature Who fan hanker for the sparse glory of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

But Dr Who always provides an engrossing romp, with enough layers and asides to keep parents and kids entertained. In this episode, the show is well and truly stolen by the 6in Adipose aliens themselves.

As cute as the Pillsbury dough boy and apparently as ticklish, they’ll win over the most cynical viewer – a bit like the show itself.

Lawrence Miles, a Doctor Who author with a wicked sense of humour, has decided to get ahead of the crowd and get his disappointment with the new series out of the way early. His latest blog entry runs through all the episodes based on info from the Radio Times and let’s fly with a rapier wit. Here’s what the creator of the Faction Paradox says about episode 6, “The Doctor’s Daughter”:

Here we’re promised the Boy Tennant’s “most spellbinding performance yet”, which hints at this being one of those “Fire in the Girly-Place” episodes that’s deliberately calculated to make the audience cry, even if the supporting characters have all the depth of bubblewrap. Assuming that Georgia Moffett is playing the Daughter in question, I’m disappointed to see that the Doctor’s offspring is a tough, blonde, conventionally-attractive street-fighting girl, who’s even decided to do Buffy-pose in the publicity photo. A fat bird would have been nice, just to buck the trend. Voted “character most likely to come back and die in the end-of-season two-parter, or otherwise turn up as a guest-star in the next season of Torchwood, should there be one”.

I’ll wrap up this final-newsround-before-the-series-starts-woohoo article by mentioning the relaunch of the BBC’s Doctor Who Homepage which has gone all shiny and media-rich. The biggest surprise to me was the quality of the streaming video – even at full screen it was infinitely better than the laughable efforts they previously gave us with the old site. My one quibble is that I would’ve wanted an episode guide and more pictures of the forthcoming series preloaded at launch time. They needn’t have been spoilerific, just something to whet our appetites.

All this excitement is just too much! I think I need to visit a nice quiet library somewhere for a bit of a rest…

See you after the premiere!


Simon Mills


Simon was born at an early age and has loved Doctor Who since even before then. Truth be told, it was those pesky giant maggots and the dandy in the frilly shirt that got him hooked... but it was the hair, teeth, eyes and scarf that made him stick around to this very day. When not writing for Kasterborous, Simon indulges in his passion for karate training and listening to (and writing about) some seriously heavy rock and metal music. Not at the same time, though, as that can lead to serious injury and/or lawsuits.

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