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At last! Kopic returns to provide an ad-hoc semi-irregular news round-up for a short run in the run-up to the return and subsequent immediate post-season-opener of the one and only Doctor Who. Series 4. Nice.

And if that opening paragraph leaves you gasping, try this on for size… The first episode, Partners In Crime, will be broadcast not at 7pm…not at 6.45pm…not at 6.30pm…but at (Shock! Horror!) 6.20pm. Oooh, the sacrilege! Jesting aside, it seems that this move by the BBC has irked Mr Davies somewhat and caused riots of unimaginable proportions amongst fandom.

Personally, I couldn’t care a Slitheen-scented-stuff whether it’s 6.20pm, 7.53pm or 6.01pm as long as it’s back in it’s tea-time slot on a Saturday night. What say you? To be honest, I think 6.20pm is a BETTER slot than 7pm as it’s more suited to be inclusive of ALL the family – tots and tottering old dears alike. For the Kasterborous opinion of the hoo-ha, try this summary.

Media coverage of the launch is rather thin on the ground at the moment. At this stage last year we had Freema and David everywhere, touting their wares and being generally fabulous. Mind you, the BBC have announced that the official Doctor Who Homepage will be relaunched with some sooper-dooper whiz-bang content and shiny effects and stuff to make it more modern and in line with what’s expected of such a high profile show. Expect more video diaries, games and rich media downloads. Wooooo!

The teaser trailers are rather good this time. Much better than the Christmas effort. Watch the Dalek teaser and use that pause button… try and work out who is being reflected in the Dalek eyepiece. Could it be…?

Don’t Crowd Me

SFX talk about how the creator of the “Massive” CGI crowd software has been helping The Mill with season-opener “Partners In Crime”

Doctor Who will be showcasing the first use of crowd-generating Massive FX technology – created for the Lord of the Rings movies – on television for the first time when the new season premieres on 5 April. And the guy who developed it for Weta, Stephen Regelous, flew half way round the world to work on the show.

Read the article and you’ll see some screenshots of the work in progress for the Adipose creatures we’ll see in that story. Personally, I’m hoping the finished article will be less “cutesy” – please let’s not start the season with a strong smell of cheese… Take a look at the fifth picture in that article, though, for something to push your weirdness-o-meter up to 11!

There’s a profile of main man Russell T. Davies in The Telegraph, which reveals that

When he is stuck, he leaves his apartment and heads for Tesco where he has some of his best inspiration.

Well, they do say “every little helps!” 😀

The article also goes on to doubt that the show would survive without him

He is planning two Doctor Who specials this year but after that it is not clear if he will continue. The show survived the departure of Eccleston and Billie Piper but many doubt that it could last without Davies.

Here in Kopic’s Korner of Kasterborous Towers, I think the consensus is that whilst we owe a great debt to the man for resurrecting the show and making it succeed in today’s attention deficit market, some fresh blood (especially if it’s Steven Moffat!) is much needed to take it forward for another five years or so.

Hmmm… Speaking of Steven Moffat, it seems as though the great man has been nominated for a BAFTA award for Blink along with The Mill for their effects work on Voyage Of The Damned and Murray Gold for his music on the show. Other nominees are Tom Collins for his Doctor Who Comic Maker and the BBC sound team for, erm, making sound sound good on Doctor Who.

Pistols at Dawn

In other awards news, the ever so nice Paul Cornell has been nominated for a Hugo award for Human Nature/Family of Blood in direct competition with Steven Moffat for Blink. May the best man win!

I must admit that whilst Colin Baker is not often the top of many Doctor Who lists, he certainly is top of my list when it comes to being such a good egg and all round wit and raconteur. You must keep abreast of his blog where he muses on life in general and ponders the great mysteries of life.

His latest post ends with a mention of a simple online word game which tests your vocabulary skills and donates more rice to those in need for the more you get right. A fun game for us lexicon lovers and an easy way to help those who need it. Go check out the Freerice web site and play the game!

That’s it for now, folks! See you next week…

Simon Mills


Simon was born at an early age and has loved Doctor Who since even before then. Truth be told, it was those pesky giant maggots and the dandy in the frilly shirt that got him hooked... but it was the hair, teeth, eyes and scarf that made him stick around to this very day. When not writing for Kasterborous, Simon indulges in his passion for karate training and listening to (and writing about) some seriously heavy rock and metal music. Not at the same time, though, as that can lead to serious injury and/or lawsuits.

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