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Top comedian and comedy actor Peter Kay – best known for his stand up shows and series “Phoenix Nights” and “Max & Paddy’s Road to Nowhere” – is to appear in the upcoming series of Doctor Who…

The BBC Press Office release informs us that:

Peter will be swapping his trade mark gags for more serious acting, when he steps into the role of the cold and powerful Victor Kennedy later this month.

Executive Producer Russell T Davies is also quoted, naturally:

“Casting of Peter came about after he wrote me the most brilliant letter to say how much he’d enjoyed series one of Doctor Who. From that point on we started talking about a guest appearance.

The release goes on to underline that this isn’t a comedy role – and describes Kay’s character Victor Kennedy as “cold and powerful”. Kay has experience of non-comic roles, including an appearance in the 2002 film “24 Hour Party People” as nightclub owner Don Tonay.

Peter Kay will appear in the currently unnamed Episode 10, which is written by Russell T Davies, and which also features the Blue Peter monster competition winning entry, the Absorbaloff.

Meanwhile, the US broadcast buildup continues. Via the Gallifreyan Embassy website I happened across a New York Times report… registration is required to read this piece, but I’ve harvested the best bits for your delectation….

Well, I tried to. But its basically about sex. Loads of sex. Lip service is given to the series’ excellent special effects, to Christopher Eccleston’s “shock” departure, to the fact that 44% of the available audience watching Rose is equatable to the Superbowl audience, but it’s mostly about RTD being a gay writer and Captain Jack Harkness being omnisexual.

Even the quote from Outpost Gallifrey‘s Shaun Lyon which should have changed the direction of the report:

“Pointing out that Russell’s gay, let’s be honest, you can no longer get a story out of that. Gay is officially boring now.”

fails to do so. It’s a boring rehash of several articles we got last year in the UK.

Billie, meanwhile, has won another gong, this time at the TV and Radio Industries’ Club awards she won best new TV Talent, reports The Mirror.

And finally – Doctor Who Magazine (where is it?) have announced material related to the new series will be available for mobile phone users! Developed by the same team behind Attack of the Graske, “Vortext” exclusive material, scripted by Gareth Roberts, will be available before – and have relation to -each of the 13 forthcoming episodes!

Christian Cawley

A long-term Doctor Who fan, Christian grew up watching the show and has early memories of the Graham Williams era. His favourite stories are Inferno, The Seeds of Doom and Human Nature (although The Empty Child, Blink and Utopia all come close). When he’s not bossing around the news team, Christian is a freelance writer specialising in mobile technology and domestic computing, and enjoys classic rock, cooking and spending time in the countryside with his wife and young children. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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