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Ther’s more coverage of the 2005 series in US organs, this time

The series is given the comparison treatment and speaks to Mad Norwegian Press’ Lars Pearson and a guy named Steve Martin. Not the Steve Martin, you understand. It’s a very warm article, and certainly worth reading.

Next up, someone at The Register asks the question that we at Kasterborous Towers have been asking for the last couple of months now. Following the casting of Peter Kay via letter, they suggest:

But even the biggest telly in the world can’t make the BBC give us a starting date for the new Doctor Who. It seems the Beebmeisters are too busy fielding “Dear Jim” letters from famous people who want to be in an episode. Latest addition is Peter Kay, who’ll star as dastardly Victor Kennedy in episode 10 after writing a bot-kissing letter to Russell T Davies. The new series also features Anthony Head, Maureen Lipman and Roger Lloyd-Pack. And some geezer called David Tennant.

We wonder what exactly Mr. Kay included in his letter, although trust it didn’t resemble a Target book cover…

Tech Digest menawhile ask pretty much the same questions, and are worth looking at just for the picture of the Tenth Doctor and his villainous companion Victor Kennedy, the latter where Rose Tyler would normaly be found…

You might also be interested to know that Mr Peter Kay’s guest appearance has been reported as far afield as Washington DC and North Korea. Honest.

And it doesn’t stop there as Serendipity relate that an article in This is Bury suggests the title of Episode 10 – which features Kay – is “Love and Monsters”.

Elsewhere, there is an interview with BBC Books author Justin Richards on the Newsround website, which talks about his inspirations and gives some suggestions to aspiring young writers, and finally the Totally Doctor Who show is upping it’s Companion Academy age limit! But only to 14, reports the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site.

Nevermind, Brian!

Christian Cawley

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