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Don’t forget, Doctor Who Series 1 premieres in New Zealand this week, and coverage has been pretty wide so far…

Colin Baker, currently on tour in Australia and New Zealand (see below) can be found interviewed by Russell Baillie for the The New Zealand Herald. Colin is once again is generous self for the interviewer, and as well as complimenting the revived format:

It is very, very good. It really has moved the programme on to the year 2005. I was surprised. I thought ‘oh dear this is going to be a dreadful mistake’ but the programme is different enough to appeal to a new modern audience while retaining enough not to alienate the majority of the old fans. There are some who will always moan.

…also has time to point out just how wobbly sets were back in the day:

A lot of people say “I used to love Doctor Who and those shaky sets” but I think their memory is letting them down. We didn’t actually notice the shaky sets then. That was state-of-the art television. When we watched those in 1963, it was ground-breaking stuff. Yes of course it looks tired and silly now – but back then we willingly suspended our disbelief because there was something exciting on that little box in the corner.

Meanwhile, also in The New Zealand Herald, Craig McLean previews the new series and focuses on the impact Billie Piper has had upon it. The article, “Dr Who series gives Piper a new lease of life“, is mostly a collection of quotes and the usual summary of her career and personal life so far. However, it’s probably worth repeating a couple of the sentiments, firstly from “The Canterbury Tales” co-star James Nesbitt:

“Billie is an original, and has something that’s a bit of a cliche – people call it star quality, but it’s a very rare aura and presence as a person. That transfers to the screen.”

…as well as Pete Bowker, writer on The Canterbury Tales:

“The camera loves Billie, I’ve seen it before, but never witnessed it so dramatically.”

Possibly timed to coincide with the Australian and New Zealand broadcasts, Doctor Who – Inside the Tardis, a live event hosted by fan Tim Ferguson arrives in Wellington on August 5th and Auckland on August 6th. This is the event reported earlier on Kasterborous featuring Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Katy Manning, and looks to be a massive event for New Zealand fans. Read more about it at, or here at

Doctor Who 2005 premieres on Thursday July 7th, 7.30 on Prime TV.

Christian Cawley

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