Aliens of Cardiff

In a bizarre episode that in some ways is a case of reality copying fiction, Conservative MP Rhodri Morgan almost appeared in the new series of Doctor Who as a tree-like alien, according to The Scotsman. Apparently the Welsh Assembly First Minister was due to appear on Welsh politics show “Dragon’s Eye”, but instead ended up on the set of Doctor Who when he got caught up in a large crowd of actors at BBC Llandaff during the filming of Episode two of the new Doctor Who series The End of the World. Had he not escaped, Mr Morgan might have become a “tree-creature”.

In a strange twist, Episode Three of the new series (Aliens of London) is believed to feature aliens posing as cabinet ministers.

Just an Assistant?

In today’s Times, Caitlin Moran makes a judgement on the future bankability of Ms Billie Piper in her article “Piper at the gates of dim”. It’s pretty harsh, dismissing Doctor Who as a vehicle for Billie to escape the shadow of her husband Chris Evans and suggesting that it is swapping one shadow for another. Possibly it says more about ms Moran’s interpretation of the role of “companion” in Doctor Who than it says about Ms Piper’s career….

The Guardian meanwhile features a “not-quite-a-review” of the first episode, Rose. Mark Lawson manages to introduce a few errors (surely he means “Nestene Consciousness”, not “nesting consciousness”?) into his piece, but the final paragraph is very reassuring.

Meanwhile Mr. Guy Clapperton wrote a piece for Sunday’s The Observer on Doctor Who collectibles. The article features quotes from David J Howe (author of “Transcendental Toybox”) and ex DWM editor Jeremy Bentham. (Registration may be necessary to view these articles)

Christian Cawley


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